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"p-38 lightnings strike" by artist Ronald Suchiu

P-38 LIGHTNINGS STRIKE by Artist Ronald Suchiu

"p-38 lightnings strike"

p-38 lightnings strike by Artist Ronald Suchiu
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p-38 lightnings strike

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This is a well-researched documentary scene of two P-38 Lightning pilots playing havoc on an enemy freight train in the scenic hills of Germany. Upon realizing that the first short blasts from their heavily armed aircraft caused no major explosions and that the train . . .

. . . was, in fact, not carrying ammunition, they break off their deadly attack to pursue a target of more value.

The stripes over the wings would date the scene to just a few days after D-Day. Lockheed is the company who built the aircraft. P-38 is the

designated number for this type of aircraft.

The United States Air Force (U.S.A.F.) classified most fighter aircraft under "P" which stands for pursuit. The number following (in this case "38") would be the order in which each individual aircraft designed was accepted by the government.

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